Supercharge your AOV with Seel-guaranteed buyback value.

Risk-free shopping experience


Shop everything with a guaranteed buyback value

Offer a risk-free shopping experience by displaying the buyback value guaranteed by Seel. Helps customers get over "sticker shock" by reminding them your product has high residual value.

1-click sell unwanted items to Seel

Customers who no longer want the items can 1-click sell it to Seel at or above the guaranteed value. Our resolution center provides the prepaid shipping label that your customers can slap on and ship to Seel.


We take care of everything.

Seel accepts the items from your customers and pay them the full buyback value, leaving you and your sellers out of it. We become title owner of the items and will resell/liquidate them ourselves.

Why add Buyback Guarantee?

Improve conversion

Convert more shoppers into customers by offering a risk-free shopping experience with Seel-guaranteed buyback value.

Increase AOV

Remind your customers that high quality items from your store has higher residual value, so they can get over the sticker shock faster.

Higher LTV

Let your customers sell unwanted items to Seel, so they are more likely to buy from you again knowing they'll be taken care of.

Fewer returns

Give your customers more options when an order doesn't work out, so you see fewer return requests.

More repeat purchase

Delight your customers with a 1-click solution to get rid of their unwanted products, so they're more likely to shop with you again.

Risk-free shopping

Offer a risk-free shopping experience to your shoppers, so they're more likely to convert and more likely to come back again.

Offer a risk-free shopping experience with Buyback Guarantee from Seel.