Seel Product Protection Plan Customer FAQ

What do I get from a Seel Product Protection plan?

Seel Product Protection plans provide additional coverage for a product beyond its standard warranty, offering protection against product malfunctions or failure over prolonged usage, saving significant costs on repairs or replacements. Depending on the specific plan you chose, it may also cover accidental damage, which is usually not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I purchase a Seel Product Protection Plan?

Seel Product Protection plans are listed as offers on the product details page. They'll also be presented as options if eligible, and you’ll pay for the fees in your order payment.

Can I cancel my Protection Plan?

Protection plans will be refunded to you in full if your order is canceled prior to fulfillment. If you decide to return your product or cancel the plan, depending on the duration since your purchase, Seel will issue a pro-rata refund, minus any claims that have been paid out.

Will my item be repaired or replaced?

It depends on the specifics of your plan. However, if you hold a repair plan and we are unable to rectify the issue, we will provide a replacement at no extra cost!How do I file a claim?Filing a claim with Seel Protection Plan is easy! Log in to Seel Resolution Center with the email address you used to place the order and your Order ID/policy ID, submit your claim request following our instructions, and we’ll have an expert to manually follow up with your case.

When should I contact Seel v.s. the manufacturer?

If your plan covers accidental damage, and your product is damaged accidentally, contact Seel at while your coverage is still active. For instances of mechanical or electrical failure, reach out to the manufacturer/retailer while you are still within the manufacturer’s warranty period. If the original manufacturer warranty has expired, contact Seel for such issues.