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Increase conversion by letting your customers know they can make eco-friendly purchases on your site and that their orders are guaranteed to arrive safely at home.

Shoppers opt-in at checkout

Shoppers can 1-click add Green Shipping Protection at checkout, for a small fee added to their order total. Orders protected. Carbon footprint neutralized.


Orders are protected with 1-click resolution

If protected orders are lost or damaged, consumers can easily request a new shipment or refund in our Resolution Center. Refunds and reorders are 100% paid for by Seel.

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Track real-time CO2 emission of their packages.

Consumers can see the real-time carbon impact of their order, and choose specific ways they want to offset those carbon footprint.


Over the past six months, Seel has offset 250,000+ kilograms of carbon emissions.

Last Updated: January 2024

Easily build Green Shipping Protection into your SaaS platform.

Discover how you can build Green Shipping Protection in minutes with our powerful API, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-labeled UIs.

17TRACK, the largest e-commerce package tracker by volume, chose to partner with Seel in building out its Green Shipping Protection for its thousands of merchants and millions of consumers. Read the full story here.

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