Convert more shoppers with instant refund

Get all the benefit and none of the risks of instant refund.

How it works


Increase conversion by telling shoppers you offer instant refund

Give shoppers peace of mind by showing the "instant refund" badge on your product detail pages.

Easily add "instant refund" badge on product pages

Instantly increase your conversion rate

Give your customers a premium shopping experience

Instantly refund your customers when they return

Instead of letting your customers wait weeks for their refund, instantly send refunds when their returns are shipped.

Instantly refund your shoppers when they make return

Build trust with customers so they keep coming back

Cut "where's my refund" questions by 94%


100% covered on return frauds

Our AI-powered risk engine blocks most return fraud, but if anything goes wrong with an instant refund we approved, it's on us.

100% coverage against return fraud

AI-powered risk engine prevents fraud and abuse

Manage it all in one dashboard

Manage orders, refunds, billing and more in an intuitive yet powerful dashboard. We also offer API integration.

Manage orders, refunds, and billing in one place

Powerful analytics and download functions

Intuitive API built for developers


Works with any volume


Simple plans that scale with your business



Up to 10 refunds per month

Access to dashboard

Instant Refund badge

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per refund

Everything in Starter

Unlimited refunds per month

Access to API

Dedicated support team

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Everything in Growth


Dedicated success manager

Custom contract

Custom integration

Admin tools

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