Make your final sale items fly off the shelf

Unlock net new revenue by adding Return Assurance on your final sale products.

Unlock net new revenue with the
risk-free return policy

The no-brainer tool for every e-commerce store.

Conversion lift
Fewer disputes
Bigger TAM

* Blended results based on A/B tests across our partner portfolio

How it works


Shoppers opt-in at checkout

Shoppers can add Return Assurance at checkout, for just a few extra bucks. Seel uses A.I to predict the probability of return before an order is placed, so Return Assurance is offered at low cost to high quality shoppers.

1-click add return option on final sale items

6% conversion lift by giving shoppers peace of mind

Dynamic pricing based on each order's probability of return

Return to Seel for any reason

Shoppers can return unwanted items to Seel, so you and your sellers don't need to do a thing! If you prefer to let shoppers return to you instead, we can also support that.

Simple and intuitive return portal for shoppers

Auto generated shipping label to make returns a breeze

Zero effort for you or your vendors


We pay for the full refund

Seel pays for the full refund when the returning package is received. You and your sellers keep the full revenue from the original sale.

Refund customers without paying for it

97% fewer disputes on orders covered by Return Assurance

Manage it all in one dashboard

Manage orders, refunds, billing and more in an intuitive yet powerful dashboard. We also offer API integration.

Manage orders, refunds, and billing in one place

Powerful analytics and download functions

Configure Return Assurance settings in your store


Your customers will thank you

Return Assurance has helped 500,000+ customers shop with peace of mind

"Having the Return Assurance on sale items is so comforting in purchasing a hat online! I paid extra for this feature and did not have to use it because my hat fit perfectly."

Patricia H.
Verified Buyer, 08/08/2022

"I appreciated the peace of mind that I could return if need be because I had purchased for 4 separate women! I was happy they all loved their bags but the “insurance policy” was great - just in case!".

Tina E.
Verified Buyer, 05/28/2022

"I got this just in case I hated my mystery box. I didn’t need to use this but I thought the peace of mind was worth it."

Verified Buyer, 10/02/2021

"I love having the protection of return assurance, just in case I happen not to like something."

Eulalia S.
Verified Buyer, 06/14/2022

"This was a final sale item and I purchased this return assurance just in case. Glad I didn’t have to return".

Ha I.
Verified Buyer, 11/04/21

"LOVE HAVING THE OPTION TO RETURN. I didn’t have anything to return. Loved my mystery box."

Rosemary H
Verified Buyer, 10/11/2021

"Nice to be able to send it back if it does not look good. 😊"

Janice S.
Verified Buyer, 06/13/2022

"I tried a different size than normal and not knowing how it would all fit, I bought the return assurance. It turns out I did need to return the box so I’m glad I had assurance that I’d get my money refunded."

Lisa R.
Verified Buyer, 09/21/2021

"Seel Return Assurance gave me the peace of mind in purchasing the dress I really wanted for my wedding. Unfortunately tailoring wasn't possible due to the beading on the gown, Seel Return Assurance really came in handy considering the gown wasn't going to work out for me after all. It's a small price to pay for the peace of mind."

Jaime H.
Verified Buyer, 03/22/2022

Easy integration

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If you're on Shopify, we can help set up Return Assurance for your store in 30 minutes or less. If you use a homegrown system, Return Assurance can be integrated in under a week.

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