5 (local currency) Compensation for Delay
Cover the Actual Item(s) Value Paid
Cover the Actual Item(s) Value Paid
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Offset Delivery Emissions

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What does Green Shipping Protection cover?

Green Shipping Protection is a service provided by Seel (a 17TRACK partner). It covers delayed, damaged, and lost items that meet the following criteria. 

·Delay: Domestic packages not delivered before the 10th day following order fulfillment (i.e., the date when the order is shipped by the merchant) or international packages not delivered before the 30th day following order fulfillment are considered delayed. The compensation for delayed packages is $5 USD. (If the order is not transacted in USD, compensation will be made in the currency of the transaction. For example, if an order in euros is delayed, the compensation is €5.)

·Loss: Domestic packages not delivered 30 days after order fulfillment (i.e., the date when the order is shipped by the merchant) are considered lost. (60 days for international packages.) Lost packages will be compensated for the actual item(s) value paid. 

Green Shipping Protection covers item damages to the point that the item(s) are unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent (if not bendable), crushed, etc., but does not cover cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, etc.), manufacturing damages, packaging errors, or unsealed items. The compensation for damaged items will be up to the value paid for the purchased item(s).

·Green Shipping Protection also includes carbon-neutral shipment within the recipient’s country.

·Note: Total compensation for one cover is up to the value actually paid for the item(s).

For a detailed breakdown of Seel’s official insurance policy, please see


What products are excluded from Green Shipping Protection?

Green Shipping Protection does not cover the following categories of items:
Automobiles and motorcycles / Jewelry (valued in excess of 1,500 local currency) / Boats and yachts / Live animals / Cash / Lumber / Ceramic / marble or granite tiles / slab blocks countertops or statues / Negotiable papers / Cigarettes and other tobacco products / Perishable commodities / Raw cotton / Pharmaceutical drugs / Fine arts (valued in excess of 10,000 local currency per piece) / Precious stones and metals / Flowers / Scrap metal, steel metal and steel metal products; automotive engines; general used automotive merchandise made of metal / Glass windows, plate glass and similar goods / Securities


How does Green Shipping Protection resolve your shipping issues?

Here’s the customer experience of Green Shipping Protection:
1. Shopper orders from the merchant, with Green Shipping Protection opted in.
2. Shopper receives an email with their Green Shipping Protection cover details, as well as instructions on how to report an issue.
3. If their package gets damaged or lost during transit, or is delayed, they can report the issue via Seel Claim Portal. 
4. Seel will programmatically assess the issue using policy rules/guidelines to determine if the reported order issue qualifies for a payout.
5. If the reported issue does qualify, a refund will be automatically sent to the shopper in a prepaid credit card via email. If the reported issue doesn’t qualify, an email will be sent to the shopper to notify them of the denial and the reason.
6. Throughout the user journey, shoppers can always check out their cover details and status via 17TRACK’s branded tracking page.


Is there any time limit for issue reporting?

To qualify for the payout, shoppers need to follow the issue reporting requirements:
· Issues of loss, where the package is not delivered, must not be reported sooner than 30 days after the order fulfillment date for domestic shipments and 60 days for international shipments.
· Issues of damage, where the package is delivered, must be reported within 15 days after the delivery date.
· Issues of delay, where the package is delivered, must not be reported sooner than 10 days after the order fulfillment date for domestic shipments and 30 days for international shipments.
All issues must be reported within 90 days of the order date.


When and how will I receive my payout?

To receive a payout for your package issues, you should first report your issue at Seel Resolve Center. We’ll review the request and send you the payout in virtual credit card through email if your request is eligible.


Where can I learn more about the carbon offsets for Green Shipping Protection?

You can view details on the carbon offsets purchased by Seel on our sustainability website. This site tracks the total greenhouse gas emissions mitigated from all orders protected by Green Shipping, as well as info on our certified offset projects.

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