Boost checkout conversion with Seel's worry-free returns

Make returns painless. Seel's Buy as Refundable program enables shoppers to return unwanted items directly to Seel, at no cost to you.

Stop choosing between shopper expectations and your bottom line


Avg. Increase in Checkout Conversion


Avg. increase in AOV


Buy as Refundable is completely free to merchants

How it works

Shoppers opt-in at checkout

Shoppers can add the option to return any item at checkout at a low cost. Seel uses A.I to predict the probability of a return before an order is placed, so a returns option is offered at low cost to high quality shoppers.

1-click option to make items returnable

Payment is integrated into the existing checkout flow

Dynamic pricing based on each order's probability of return

Seel accepts returns for any reason

Shoppers return unwanted items to Seel with zero Merchant cost or involvement.

Simple and intuitive return portal for shoppers

Auto generated shipping labels take the hassle out of returns

Shoppers receive refunds within approx. 2 days of return approval

Seel pays all refund costs

Seel pays the full refund amount directly to the shopper once the return is received. Merchants keep 100% of the item’s purchase price.

Lightning-fast customer refunds

Manage it all in one dashboard

Track orders, refunds, billing and more in an intuitive yet powerful dashboard. We also offer API integration.

Customize your Return settings

Powerful analytics and download functions

Designer Revival changes the game with Seel

“Almost half of our customers do sign up for Seel, so they are interested in that option for getting returns. It’s just been a game changer for us.”
Tiffany Keriakos
CEO & Founder of Designer Revival

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