Drive conversion by meeting your shopper's delivery expectations

Increase your customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Seel pays your customers if their order is delayed, damaged or lost. Merchants pay $0.

Shoppers expect seamless deliveries


71% of Seel shoppers say that wouldn’t have made their purchase if it weren’t returnable


68% of consumers say they take estimated delivery date into account when shopping

How it works

Shoppers see estimated delivery dates for each product

Seel’s powerful A.I. shows accurate delivery date estimates on the product page. Users can customize the estimate for their specific zipcode.

Shoppers opt in at checkout

Shoppers can add On-Time Delivery Date Guarantee at checkout for a small fee. Payment is integrated into the overall purchase.

Seel handles all shipping claims and refunds

When orders are damaged or lost shoppers can request reshipment or refunds in the Resolution Center. Shoppers are also eligible for partial refunds when shipments are delayed. All reorders and refunds are paid for by Seel with zero Merchant involvement.

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