Supercharge your retention with Seel's Guaranteed Buyback Value

Help your customers feel confident in their purchases. With Guaranteed Buyback Value, your customers can sell their purchased items back to Seel for a locked-in price, at no cost to you.

Increase your shoppers’ purchase rate

repeat purchases

Differentiate your brand with best-in-class shopping experiences that build brand loyalty


Help shoppers feel confident that more expensive items from your store can be resold later


Give your shoppers the option to resell their item later, reducing returns


Convert more shoppers into customers by offering a risk-free shopping experience with Seel’s Guaranteed Buyback Value

How it works

Shoppers see a Guaranteed Buyback Value on the product page

Seel makes a custom buyback offer to the shopper for each eligible product. Shoppers have the option to purchase Buyback Guarantee during the checkout flow.

Shoppers can sell back unwanted items directly to Seel

Customers can easily request a buyback in Seel’s customer portal. Our resolution center provides prepaid shipping labels to make the process as painless as possible.

We take care of everything

Seel accepts the items from your customers and pays them the full buyback value with zero merchant involvement or cost.

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