Adelante Offers Delivery Guarantees with Seel

Cambridge, MA
Business Model
D2C Brand / Private Label Manufacturer
Shopify, Klaviyo, Afterpay, Seel Return Assurance

Adelante Shoe Co. was founded by Peter Sacco with the goal of spreading economic prosperity throughout Latin America. They do this by manufacturing high-quality, made-to-order shoes at a fraction of market rates. The company primarily sells to the United States through multiple channels, including a D2C Shopify Store and Private Label manufacturing. Today, Adelante proudly services their 10,000 customers from their locations in Massachusetts and Guatemala.

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The Challenge

Due to the nature of made-to-order shoes, Adelante’s customers often like to ensure their orders arrive at the right location, requesting services like signature upon delivery. Ultimately, this led to significantly more customer service requests for changed delivery dates and missed deliveries. Adelante needed a solution to comfort their customers without creating additional work for the marketing and customer service teams.

“We felt like our customer service team was just acting as a go-between for our customers and DHL.”

The Solution

After identifying that their customers desired delivery assurances, Adelante worked with Seel to add Buyer Protection to its Shopify Store. This gives shoppers the confidence to place their orders without the need for complex deliveries.

Adelante chose to add the Buyer Protection Widget to their Shopify Cart. The widget enables customers to add Buyer Protection for a small, transparent fee at checkout. Most importantly, the buyer protection widget does not require Adelante to remove or replace any of their existing tech stack, making installation a breeze.

Results and Next Steps

Since going live with Seel, Adelante has seen 82% of their customers add Buyer Protection, eliminating the need for the costly Signature upon Delivery option.

“Buyer protection truly augments our customer service, it allows us to reassure our customers without adding additional work for our service teams.”

Michael Pelzer, Co-Founder and COO at Adelante Shoe Co.

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