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Seel really allows us to compete because all the bigger guys take returns. For small businesses that can't really afford to do so, especially with resale when you have one-of-a-kind items, being able to take returns has allowed us to succeed and really compete.”
Tiffany Keriakos
CEO & Founder of Designer Revival

The Situation

Designer Revival, a luxury reseller, aimed to significantly boost their Shopify online sales. They sought to enhance checkout conversion rates without the burden of increased marketing or operational costs. Despite addressing authenticity concerns with an in-house buy-back guarantee, the absence of a post-purchase satisfaction guarantee posed a challenge. The logistical and financial hurdles of implementing a full return program prevented them from accepting returns, though they recognized its potential to improve customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

“Almost half of our customers do sign up for Seel, so they are interested in that option for getting returns. It’s just been a game changer for us.”

The Solution

In collaboration with Seel, Designer Revival integrated the Buy as Refundable program into their checkout process. This allowed customers to opt for a returnable purchase at a nominal fee, with Seel managing all aspects of the returns. This integration, executed with minimal effort and no additional costs for Designer Revival, was completed in under 30 minutes thanks to Seel’s efficient service. The implementation was a strategic move to offer competitive satisfaction guarantees without affecting pricing competitiveness.


Introducing a Buy as Refundable option confirmed Designer Revival’s hypothesis that offering a returns program could fuel the growth of their online sales. Immediately after integration, 37% of customers chose to add Seel during checkout, driving a 29% increase in checkout conversion and raising the average order value by 6%.

Establishing trust, for the customer, online is very important because you don’t want to think you’re spending $600 for a Gucci bag on a random site”

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