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With the vision to “make women feel beautiful” by offering high-end apparel at affordable prices, Tiffany Keriakos purchased the brick-and-mortar luxury consignment shop Designer Resale in May of 2015, which became today’s Designer Revival. Specializing in pre-owned designer apparel, handbags, shoes, and accessories, Designer Revival was one of the very first consignment stores in NYC and has now been a neighborhood mainstay for 35 years. In addition to their physical store, Designer Revival runs a Shopify site which generates millions in sales each year. With a meticulously curated collection and personalized service for each and every customer and consignor, it is truly a New York trendsetter’s favorite destination.

Lift to Online Conversion Rate
Attach Rate
Increase to Average Order Value

The Challenge

Designer Revival doesn’t have the luxury of splashing millions on advertising. To accelerate online growth, they needed a tool that would instill trust, create customer confidence, and increase their conversion rate.  They already addressed their shoppers' concerns around authenticity through their buy back guarantee, but needed a post purchase guarantee that their shoppers would like their purchases.

“Establishing trust, for the customer, online is very important because you don’t want to think you’re spending $600 for a Gucci bag on a random site”

The Solution

Designer Revival worked with Seel to install the Return Assurance widget in their checkout flow, enabling hesitant customers to purchase Return Assurance for a small fee at checkout.  The installation was painless, Designer Revival just had to link their Shopify store and Seel handled  the widget install. Because of the white glove service that Seel provides all of their partners, the installation took Tiffany’s team less than 30 minutes.

Offering Seel was the most cost effective way to provide a satisfaction guarantee to their customers and compete with the larger vintage marketplaces.  Since only the customers that care about returns will purchase Return Assurance, Designer Revival can still keep their prices competitive for shoppers and don’t need to increase their fees for consignors.

Results and Next Steps

“Almost half of our customers do sign up for Seel, so they are interested in that option for getting returns. It’s just been a game changer for us.”

The results immediately confirmed the perceived value of Post Purchase Guarantees: 37% of Designer Revival’s customers added Seel during checkout.  Even more impressive though, were the results of the A/B test; when shoppers were presented with an option to purchase Return Assurance, conversion rate improved by 29% and Average Order Value increased by 6%. Based on the Success of Return Assurance, Designer Revival is eager to test out Seel’s latest offering, Guaranteed Delivery Date.

“Seel really allows us to compete because all the bigger guys take returns. For small businesses that can't really afford to do so, especially with resale when you have one-of-a-kind items, being able to take returns has allowed us to succeed and really compete.”

Tiffany Keriakos, CEO & Founder of Designer Revival

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