Eric Javits Accelerates D2C Growth with Seel


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Fashion & Apparel
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D2C Ecommerce / Wholesale
“As the customer switches to buying online, he wants to have the same experience or similar experience to the store ... giving that customer the flexibility was very important.”
Dario Markovic
CEO of Eric Javits

The Challenge

Founded in 1985, Eric Javits is the category leader in designer headwear. Their hats have been worn by First Ladies, spotted in Super Bowl Performances, and graced the cover of Vogue Magazine. After launching a new online store, Eric Javits quickly grew sales into the 8-figure range with rapid year-on-year growth. Eager to continue increasing their online business, they were looking for ways to keep bringing in new shoppers and convert them to customers. Eric Javits knew that their high proportion of final sale items - almost 1/3 of their total product line - was a barrier to shopper growth. At the same time, Dario and his team weren’t interested in taking on the overhead of offering returns on those items.

“Customers were starting to buy final sale items because they saw the option to add Seel to their purchase. That actually increased our conversion rate in double digits and we were seeing very positive feedback from customers as well.”

The Solution

Dario and his team worked with Seel to offer Seel’s Buy as Refundable option on final sale items, helping customers feel confident that they could return their order if they weren’t satisfied. Seel’s Buy as Refundable option gives shoppers 7 days to return any unwanted products directly to Seel for a full refund if they regret their purchase for any reason. Eric Javits installed Buy as Refundable in less than 30 minutes, thanks to Seel’s existing Shopify integration and dedicated merchant onboarding support.


After implementing Buy as Refundable, Eric Javits saw a 13% increase in conversion rate and a 9% increase in AOV on orders where shoppers were offered return options. In addition, Eric Javits found that customers that added Seel were 41% more likely to make another purchase in the following 90 days than customers who did not add return protection. Finally, shopper reviews confirmed that customers loved having the optionality of returns.

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