Eric Javits Accelerates D2C
Growth with Seel

New York City, NY
Business Model
D2C Ecommerce / Wholesale
Fashion & Apparel
Shopify / Klarna / Affirm / Narvar

Founded in 1985, Eric Javits is the category leader in designer headwear. Their products are worn by First Ladies, spotted in Super Bowl Performances, and have even appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine multiple times. Eric Javits is the best selling designer headwear brand at Nordstrom and has customers in almost every continent through Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale, and other department stores. Their newly minted online store has also quickly grown into an 8-figure revenue business.

Lift to Online Conversion Rate
More Likely to Make Repeat Purchase
Increase to Average Order Value

The Challenge

To sustain their 50% year of year growth, Eric Javits is always looking for ways to bring in new shoppers and convert them into customers. At the time, nearly 1/3 of their products have a final sale policy, which is
intimidating for most shoppers who are used to having easy return options online.

“As the customer switches to buying online, he wants to
have the same experience or similar experience to the store ... giving that customer the flexibility was very important.”

The Solution

To give consumers more confidence to buy from Eric Javits, Dario and his team added Return Assurance to their online store. Return Assurance gives shoppers the option to return any unwanted products, final sale or not, to Seel for a full refund if they later regret the purchase for any reason. Shoppers can opt-in to have Return Assurance on their otherwise final sale order for a small fee at the checkout page.

The installation was painless, Eric Javits just had to link their Shopify store and Seel handled the widget install. The installation took the Eric Javits team less than 30 minutes.

Results and Next Steps

The first results that came in were the customer reviews, where shoppers raved about their new found flexibility. It wasn’t just the reviews, the A/B test showed that when shoppers were offered Return Assurance, Eric Javits’ conversion rate rose by 13% and Average Order Value (AOV) increased by 9%.Additionally, customers that added Seel were 41% more likely to make another purchase in the following 90 days than customers that didn’t. Based on the Success of Return Assurance, Eric Javits is eager to test out Seel’s latest offering, Guaranteed Delivery Date.

“Customers were starting to buy final sale items because they saw the option to add Seel to their purchase. That actually increased our conversion rate in double digits and we were seeing very positive feedback from customers as well. ”

Dario Markovic, CEO of Eric Javits

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