Garmentory Solves Marketplace Returns with Seel

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As the go-to marketplace for the intentional shopper, Garmentory offers an unrivaled selection of brands and boutiques. With over 3,000 brands to choose from shoppers can always find something that fits their needs. In addition to working with boutique brands, Garmentory supports the circular economy with their recommerce channel, The Loop. With GMV in the tens of millions, Garmentory is leading the way to innovate sustainable fashion.

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The Challenge

As a marketplace, Garmentory needs to balance their Seller’s capabilities with their shoppers desire for a guarantee. To complicate matters more, Garmentory caters to both retail sellers as well as peer to peer recommerce. This means that a significant portion of their inventory is listed as final sale and scaring off would be buyers.

“As a consumer, final sale is a little bit scary. Especially if you don't know the brand and how it fits, you're less likely to make a purchase marked as final sale.”

The Solution

After identifying that more flexible return policies lead to an increase in sales, Garmentoryworked with Seel to build return assurance into its custom checkout flow for both their retail marketplace as well as their recommerce marketplace. Return Assurance gives consumers the confidence to buy from new brands or when buying second hand products.

Garmentory chose to integrate the Return Assurance API in their checkout flow for final sale merchandise. The API enables customers to add Return Assurance to their otherwise final sale order for a small fee at checkout. The integration went smoothly, thanks to a robust set of API. All in all, the whole process took one engineering headcount about a week and a half.

Results and Next Steps

“We always run an A/B test anytime we’re launching a new product, just to know what the impact of the new initiative is to our business. We saw more than a 5% lift in our conversion rate.”

Since going live in February 2021, Return Assurance helped 41,000 customers shop with peace of mind. Because of this, Garmentory has seen a 5% lift in their site wide conversion rate, even creating a halo
effect with non-final sale purchases. Based on the success of Return Assurance, Garmentory is eager to test out Seel’s latest offering, Guaranteed Payout for Sellers.

“It’s been a great partnership working with Seel, the team is fantastic. It was such a smooth process, I think it was probably one of the fastest integrations we’ve done with a service provider since the very beginning.”

Sunil Gowda, CEO & Co-Founder of Garmentory

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